Moving Your Home
(International Moving)

Moving your home is said to be one of the top three most stressful experiences in your life.  Add to that a move to a new country, with a different culture, language, and climate, moving homes abroad is serious endeavor.  AFC understands this and is committed to supplying a comprehensive door to door service that creates a positive experience for you and your family.  We take a logical approach to your move, with detail given to each step.

Pre-Move Survey :
AFC believes that counseling and fact finding at the pre-move survey are critical for a successful move.  Our English speaking, and often expatriate, representative will evaluate your packing requirements and explain our methods for protecting your belongings.  He or she will ask for your concerns and specific needs for timing, special packing, billing, or new purchases.

Moving Proposal :
Upon completion of the pre-move survey, AFC will prepare a door to door (or abbreviation thereof) proposal in a timely, professional format.  Our proposal will include detailed information about the services we provide, the timing, the routing, and the destination customs requirements.  Our proposal will be complete, with no hidden costs, and guaranteed.

Moving Protection :
On the scheduled day of packing, AFC specialists will arrive at your residence prepared to pack and crate your precious belongings for safe transit around the world.
Only the finest quality materials are used, including bubble wrap, styrofoam sheets, cushion pads, cardboard sheets, wardrobe cartons, and various size cartons.  Special crates are made for your fragile items.

Packing Expertise :
AFC has 15 full time packing crews.  A crew consists of five men :  an English speaking supervisor and four professional packers.  The packers are divided into two teams, each with a senior and junior packer.  This system is very manageable  for both you and our supervisors.  All AFC packers are full time professionals, some with over 10 years of industry experience.

Secure Transit Warehousing :
Because shipping schedules don't often coincide with your packing schedule, your shipment will most likely have to be taken to AFC's transit warehouse after leaving your home. Although this is usually a brief stay, AFC takes great pride in ensuring that your goods are kept in a modern, clean, secure facility.  Our transit warehouse has raised floors, 24 hour security.

Secure, Long Term Warehousing :

For many reasons, some personal and others driven by regulations in your destination country, your belongings may need to be stored for an extended period of time with AFC.  When this is the case, your shipment is loaded into storage vaults and placed in a less active section of the warehouse.  Here, your belongings continue to be protected and cared for as if they were our own.   
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